Saturday, June 23, 2012


For Sale 2001 Jeep Cherokee
auto windows, auto side mirrors, air conditioning, repaired.  Gas gage repaired, all new tires. It's the"handy dandy" jeep.  I never got to use this one on the route, but have driven it to the store several times. Asking $6000.00.  Right Hand drive for Postal Workers or for someone who likes to stand out in traffic... heads turn when you drive on opposite side of vehicle.  My friend like to ride with me just to fake out other drivers by throwing in the  hands up in the air.  It's a shocker to see...  "look maw no hands".

Kinda Sold (they are not making payments)


  1. do you still have this vehicle, very interested if so pls call me at 502-833 1100 thank you jackie 2001 jeep cherokee

  2. this is jackie again, inquireing about your jeep cherokee, pls call me at 502 833-1100 or 502 833 4380 after 7:00 pm . few questions . is it 4 wheel drive, how many miles is on it. very interested pls call thanks jackie

  3. this is jackie again, or you can email me at thanks again Jackie

  4. Thanks Jackie, I will be calling or emailing you shortly.